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More than ten years ago, I began changing my art practice by incorporating the body and movement into my work. 

Through the process, I spent less time alone in the studio and used movement as a medium. I began to run, was introduced to yoga and began growing vegetables and herbs on the rooftop in our apartment in Brooklyn, NY. The garden and kitchen became a real art project.

Through movement, I became more aware and interested in knowing all the details about the body and what it takes to create a healthy environment through exercise, real food, what we consume, and how we live in general.

As you can probably tell from my Instagram posts, my real passion is growing food, nutrition, and food as medicine. I continue learning through independent classes and workshops.

We recently moved to a charming house with a backyard across the river where I’m constantly reminded of how incredibly important it was to plant that first seed in Brooklyn. My home, studio, and now expanded (edition 2) of the garden are one.

As a visual person, health and wellbeing look like a circle. My approach to health and wellness is by focusing on small steps to find balance through daily movement, real food, and mental stimulation through arts and culture.

I hope you enjoy the posts and find the information helpful. I’m always looking to connect with people with similar ideas about the creation and meaning of a sustainable life. Stay healthy!