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More than ten years ago, I began changing my art practice by incorporating the body and movement into my work. 

Through the process, I spent less time alone in the studio and used movement as a medium. I began to run, was introduced to yoga and began growing vegetables and herbs on the rooftop at home in Brooklyn, NY.

Through movement, I became more aware and interested in knowing all the details about the body. This is what brought me to where I am today.

I'm currently studying at Hunter College to complete a certification as a personal trainer. As you can probably tell from my Instagram posts, my real passion is growing food, nutrition, and food as medicine. I plan to continue studying nutrition once I finish this certification.

As a visual person, health and wellness look like a circle. My approach to health and wellness is by focusing on small steps to find balance through daily movement, real food, and mental stimulation through arts and culture.

I hope you enjoy the posts and find the information helpful. Looking forward to a healthy and creative year. See you around and stay in touch!